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A pretty young bride is seduced on her wedding day by an old boyfriend

Pete was a gorgeous guy who had his pick of
women. In fact, he usually picked more than one of
them. This may not seem like a problem to some, but I’m
sure his wife wouldn’t have been to happy to find out.
As for me, I was more limited in opportunities. But I
knew I would never have to worry about ‘picking’ again
as I was soon to have my own wife.

Her name was Michelle, and even with an un-
limited pick of women, I would have chosen her. She was
beautiful, soft, and sexy. I wondered how I had landed
a girl whose medium-length blonde hair glowed in the
sun, whose face captivated the eyes of every man who
beheld it, whose breasts turned heads with their side-
to-side bobbing as she walked. She was incredible, and
soon to be my wife.

Michelle had told me something of Pete, and the
only time they had ever met. It was at a party, and
Michelle told me she knew the instant she saw him she
was going to fuck him. (This was when we first met, be-
fore we started dating. I don’t think I could have
handled this after I fell in love with her.)

“I wasn’t the prettiest girl there.” she had
explained to me. “So I knew I would have to be the most
aggressive.” (I don’t think any man could resist her

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