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A rich young housewife buys the ultimate sex toy, The Teasinator

Marsha was happily married. Earl was a good husband and
an excellent father. Financially, they were more than
comfortable in their lives together. They weren’t the
one percent, but they were in the top ten. And yet,
Marsha was not content. There was something missing. And
it was missing in their sex life. Earl was… too fast.

He wasn’t a two-minute wonder. Nor was he a “Wham, bam,
thank you ma’am” kind of lover. He would often spend at
least half an hour in foreplay, lightly stroking her
back and legs and thighs and breasts.

Sometimes he would suckle lightly on her breasts before
making circles around her clit with either with his
fingers or with his tongue. And then when he entered
her, he could regularly sustain himself for ten or
fifteen minutes. Often she would climax long before him
and would be driven into a second orgasm before he
finally came.

Most women would say that Earl was a nearly perfect
lover who could drive them to the heights of passion and
bring multiple orgasms from their body. But for Marsha,
the most intense pleasure was not the orgasm itself, but
the anticipation. It was that time just before the
volcano erupted that she coveted. And Earl – or perhaps
she herself – went through that precious moment entirely
too fast. That is what she wanted stretched out. That is
what she wanted to make last. She wanted to be held just
on the edge of orgasm for as long as possible. And Earl
didn’t do that.

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