Tuesday , March 21 2023

A Ride on the Metro (MF, anal, nc, public)

Tracy enjoyed being in the nation’s capital, even if it
was for business. She had worked for her company for
several years and was finally promoted to Vice President.
At the age of thirty-two, she was not only the youngest
board member, but also the only female. Most of her
female peers opted for marriage and children over career.
Tracy remained focused on career, sometimes forgetting
the importance of a personal life.

Tracy was an attractive female with shoulder length
frosted hair. She worked our regularly and was proud of
her body. She was five feet tall and measured 36C, 22,
34. Since she never had children and with her workout
routine, Tracy’s breasts were firm and perky. During her
last physical, Tracy’s physician commented she had the
breasts of an eighteen-year-old.

Tracy was very self-conscious of her body. She did not
want anyone thinking she used her looks to get ahead in
the company. For those reasons, Tracy always wore her
hair up, little make-up, and a conservative woman’s
business suit. Her conservative and business-like
appearance probably was the primary reasons she rarely
dated. It had been at least two years since Tracy went
out on a date, and even longer since she had sex. Tracy’s
life was consumed with her career so she gave little
thought to her social life. To Tracy, this business trip
to Washington, DC was her social life.

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