Tuesday , March 21 2023

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The Scottish spring had not yet yielded any hopeful signs of a break in the cold damp weather that it was famous for. The City of Edinburgh architecture was straining to cope with the rain, and gutter down pipes gushed water into the storm drains. The homeward bound city dwellers huddled under umbrellas, most of which showed some of the scars of the strong winds blowing along Princess Street.

Faith Munroe pulled her long hood over her head as she hurried out of the library staff room in the City centre of Edinburgh. The evening was dreich ( foggy, cold with incessant rain) with slippery pavements. Her flat shoes struggled to keep out the damp, while she scampered for her bus. As usual, there was no unused seat on any public transport during the evening rush hour, so she held on to the hand rail and dreamed of a little hot food and a warm room to rest and relax in. Her feet were tired from the daily toil of walking the length of the library floor stocking and cataloguing the new books, and placing the returned books into their rightful positions. She fervently prayed for a change in her fortune that might include a change of job and even better, some hope of a love life!

As she got to her own corner she called into her local convenience store to get the ingredients of her supper. A helpful store assistant packed up her groceries, and packed a local free paper into the carry bag. Faith hurried to her small 1 bed studio flat, to prepare her food, and settle down for the remainder of the evening.

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