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A skinny computer nerd comes into his own at college

“Hey, what’s up with that roommate of yours?” Lisa asked

“I know,” her roommate Sharon added. “What a geek!”

“He sure is.” Dan agreed. “And you should see him in the

“What do you mean?” asked Lisa.

“He’s so skinny, no muscles, and he’s practically got no
dick! It’s the smallest thing I’ve ever seen. The whole
floor knows about it. Everybody rags on him.”

Dan was a freshman in college. Football quarterback,
6’3″, 200 pounds, handsome, and didn’t have to worry
about his equipment, not with the nine inches he was
toting around. His roommate, George, was the one with
the problem. Typical computer geek, was George. He
really wasn’t bad looking, if he fixed himself up, but
he was so skinny. And that dick!

“Poor George,” Lisa giggled. “Good thing he’s got his
computer to keep him warm at night!”

Lisa and Sharon were also freshmen at this large
Midwestern university. They lived one floor up from Dan
and George, and had met Dan the first week. And both of
them had the hots for him.

Which meant, that they spent a lot of time with him.
Both of them, because neither of them were willing to
let the other get near Dan alone. Lisa and Sharon were
friends, but not good enough friends to refrain from
cheerfully gouging the other’s eyes out over Dan. So,
they both spent a lot of time in his room, together,
warily giving the eye to each other. Dan, of course,
being the rich, handsome, quarterback-type, was used to
this. He was just trying to figure out how to fuck both
of them.

Since they were in his room all the time, they saw
George a lot. Dan had to admit that he could have done a
lot worse as roommates went. George was a nice guy, and
didn’t mind the occasional homework assist. He was also
hilariously funny, and a good storyteller. He also gave
good advice, something Dan decided to avail himself of
one night.

“So, roomie, I’ve never asked you this. I’ve got Sharon
and Lisa both wanting to jump my bones. If you were in
my position, who would you pick?”

“I’m the wrong guy to ask, Dan. I’d tell you to pick

“That’s what most people have told me.” Sharon was a
long, lean blonde, with a flat stomach, big blue eyes,
and legs that seemed to go on forever. Lisa was a
redhead, with green eyes, and a smattering of freckles.
She was more rounded than Sharon, and shorter.

“I know, most people would probably prefer Sharon. She’s
the type that’s modeling in all the magazines nowadays.
I prefer Lisa, however.”

“Then why did you tell me to pick Sharon?”

“Leave Lisa to me, of course!” George laughed.

“Come on. You wouldn’t have a chance with either of
them. The whole school knows that you’re the Dickless

George had been teased about that before. Dan was amazed
at how he always just took it in stride. “I’m telling
you, roomie, it’s not the tool, it’s the craftsman.”

“I still don’t know what that means.”

“What it means is, the important part is that I know how
to use it. The girls in high school figured that out.
The girls here will too, eventually.”

“Oh, right, George, like you got that far with the girls
in high school.”

“Sure. What, did you think, I was a virgin?”

“Come on, George, I KNOW you’re a virgin. Girls don’t go
after skinny wimps with 5-inch dicks.”

“You believe what you want to believe. Good night.”

“Night,” Dan replied, with a grin on his face.


That Saturday night, the girls again found themselves in
Dan’s room. With them, besides Dan and George, were Dan
and George’s next door neighbors, Ken and Phil, and
their next door neighbors, Alyssa and Michelle. Alyssa
had a thing for Ken, and Michelle for Phil. So, there
were four girls lusting after three guys, and George.
They were all drinking, and talking.

The funny thing was, Lisa thought to herself, that
George was the best conversationalist in the room. There
had been a football game that afternoon–their school
had won, with Dan playing the role of the hero–and
George gave the most cogent analysis of the game. Lisa
brought up Shakespeare, and George launched into a
spirited discussion of him. Meanwhile, he was telling
jokes and funny stories.

The eight people in the room kept getting drunker and
drunker. The talk turned from scattered conversation to
the search for a game to play. Strip poker? Nude
twister? Truth or dare? Then Alyssa, the most daring of
them–and also quite drunk–came up with an idea.

“If you guys really wanna get wild, we could play the
orgasm game.”

“Huh?” asked Lisa.

“We put all of us girl’s names in a hat. One of the guys
picks the names out, one by one. We go in order, and
each picks a guy. Then each guy goes to work on whoever
their girl is. The time limit is one hour, or whenever
the guy himself cums. Whichever girl has the most
orgasms in that time wins.” She smiled wickedly. “In
more ways than one.”

The guys were, of course, up for it. They looked at the
girls, who were all just drunk enough to consider it.

“I’m game,” said Donna, looking at Dan.

“Me, too,” said Lisa, also looking at Dan. Michelle and
Phil had already slept together, so they had no problem
with it. Alyssa grabbed some paper, cut four pieces, put
each girl’s name on a piece, and put them in a hat.
“Here, George,” she said, “Pick out a name.” Alyssa was
the first name, and she picked Ken. Michelle came out
next, she picked Phil. George reached in and pulled out
one of the two remaining slips. It said Sharon, who, of
course, happily picked Dan.

That’s when the realization set in on Lisa.

“You mean I have to have sex with George? Can’t Dan do
both of us?”

“Sorry, honey, that’s against the rules.” Alyssa

Lisa looked down at her hands. “I don’t think I want to
do this.”

“Aw, Lisa, don’t be a spoilsport,” Sharon complained.

“You agreed,” Dan pointed out.

She looked up at George, who was looking at her
intently. She would’ve expected him to be all giddy, out
of control like a fourteen-year-old virgin about to get
his first piece of ass. He wasn’t. He just smiled at

“All right, I suppose I did agree.”


“We do this all at once, or one at a time?” Donna asked.

“On at a time, in order of how we picked. So we all get
to watch,” Alyssa leered.

“Any restrictions on how we get our girl off?” asked

“Nope. I do believe Ken and I are first. George, keep


They settled in on Dan’s bed, giggling nervously as they
realized they were going to have sex in front of six
other people. They kissed quietly as they stripped each
other’s clothes off, still self-conscious. That started
to go away as Ken started nibbling on Alyssa’s nipples,
as he plunged a finger into her pussy. He waggled the
finger back and forth, while sucking on her breasts, for
a few minutes. Feeling she was getting close–and
knowing he had never been this horny in his life–he
slipped on a condom and then mounted her. Unfortunately,
he was too horny. She was close — he was right about
that — but he couldn’t hold out.

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