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A story about a young indian girl after marriage and the humiliation and submission she experiences everyday at home

Mahita was a young south indian girl from a poor family. She was about 5’6″ dark and had long beautiful jet-black hair that reached upto her waist. When she was 18 and when she finished her school, her parents decided to get her married to a man who was from a relatively richer background. They thought she’d have been better of with a richer man, and they’d manage better at home with lesser members due to financial constraints. So, one day the man’s family came to their home and asked for the girl (as per the traditional indian custom). Naturally Mahita was reluctant and she cried her heart out to escape this marriage. But, she was forced into it by her family. Due to the extreme poverty her family suffered, she agreed for the sake of their family!

The wedding happened a month later.

Mahita’s husband Shankar was taking her away to another town in Andhrapradesh, after their wedding because his his work was set in that town. Their first night (first night they sleep together after the wedding) happened the night after the Marriage. Mahita found Shanker to be extremely hard on her and he even spanked her a few times .few days after their wedding, they moved into their new home in the new town, and all seemed really new to mahita. One night, her husband was back home after work, and he found Mahita at the door talking to another man but Shankar walked in calmly.

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