Thursday , March 30 2023

A story about sex, drugs and more sex

Well, where to begin? I’ll start at the beginning, OK?
I’m Jessica and I’m just about to turn 25. I go to
college right now and I’m really involved in politics.
Actually, I’m involved in what we like to call counter-
politics; That is, I’m an Anarchist. I won’t go into
the details of the Anarchistic theory(s) but you should
at least know that Anarchists hate, but just hate,

Actually we hate all forms of government as a rule, but
cops are really the worse because they represent the
government, and actually they are a pain in the ass.

Me and a friend decided that we wanted to form a small
group of people like us so we could talk about politics
and do some actions. We contacted a small punk group
were I live and met some people through them. Soon we a
had a group of about five people. To honest, we really
didn’t do anything really revolutionary but most of the
time met somewhere and smoked pot.

Ilona, one of our group, had a nice apartment so most
of the time we went there and smoked. This week,
however, she was not here (someone said she flew over
to London for a week but I doubt that because I don’t
think she can afford it) so I invited everyone to my

Joseph and Lizard (yes, I know it’s a stupid nickname,
but then Lizard is only 19 and he insists we call him
that) were going to meet me and Holly at the park were
we would normally buy some grass so I went over to
Holly’s first. A guy opened the door and told me that
Holly is in the shower and that he’s a friend of hers
and that she invited him to join us. He was rather tall
and slim and had really nice long hair.

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