Thursday , March 23 2023

A story about sharing my wife and her using me as a cuckold

If I had known the evening would turn out so well I
wouldn’t have been dreading it so much all day. My wife
was having a man over that she had meet in a bar at the
airport when she was catching a plane last week.

She had been telling me all about him all week, how
good looking he was, that he looked like he was well
hung, she really couldn’t wait to fuck him, etc.

I had heard this over and over. Normally I would not
have minded, in fact I love to watch her fuck one of
her “friends”. But she said that tonight was going to
be different, she had talked to him for over an hour
and when she invited him to visit her he had ask if she
was married. She told him she was but that she fucked
whoever she wanted.

He then asked her if I left the house when she
“entertained”. She told him that I usually watched. He
said, then he is like your slave. She just said yes, in
a way. But the man kept pushing the subject. Will you
order him around and make him wait on us and keep us

Usually I just watch and sometimes I clean her pussy
after she has taken a big load of cum but it just
happens. But she saw the guy was really into this, so
she told him that she did order me around and I was her
slave. She really wanted to fuck this guy so she was
telling him what ever made him happy.

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