Tuesday , March 21 2023

A story about the occult and a woman who loves the male sexual organs, but hates men

Jennifer was born horny. She was cock crazy ever since
she first saw her little brother nude as a child. After
she got her first job and moved to the big city the
first thing she bought was a lifelike dildo. She got a
model that vibrated and even had a set of testicles she
could fondle while masturbating.

Jennifer was an attractive 23 year old nurse. This was
the perfect job for her, since this gave her many op-
portunities for viewing nude men. She was, of course,
only interested in their cocks.

Jennifer was promiscuous and had trouble pretending to
be interested in anything but the sex. She didn’t like
talking to the men she dated and enjoyed being in
control. All she really wanted was their cocks.

Jennifer also had another passion, the occult. She had
been inhabiting old bookstores and various “New Age”
shops and eventually had come across an intriguing Ad
in a 50 year old magazine. It was in the “erotic magic”
section of the classifieds. It read:

“Living amputations. Serious inquiries only. 375 Miller
Lane. Interview required.”

It was old and only contained an address but since this
was her day off, Jennifer decided to give it a try. The
ad was intriguing to the young woman, the possibilities
where something that made her wonder.

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