Tuesday , March 21 2023

A story about using the tub faucet to get off on

I woke up very horny. Although I don’t remember it, I
must have been having a very sexy dream because as soon
as I awoke I felt that familiar throbbing in my pussy.
I looked at the clock – 8:20.

I could hear my parents getting ready for work and my
brothers were heading out the door to go to school. A
slight smile came to my face as I realized that I was
on vacation and didn’t have to get up at all if I
didn’t want to. I was home on mid-semester break from
college and I had the whole day to myself. I decided to
spend the beginning of the day taking care of this
throbbing between my legs.

I pulled my nightshirt off and threw it on the floor. I
slowly began caressing my breasts, gently rubbing the
undersides with just my fingertips at first. I closed
my eyes and savored the sensation.

I felt tiny jolts of pleasure as I took each nipple
between my fingers and lightly tweaked them. They were
already erect when I woke up and now they were hard as
hell. I’m very proud of my breasts, they are nearly
perfect and they receive countless stares from the guys
at school. I absolutely love touching them and feeling
how soft they are.

My pussy was beginning to get jealous of all the
attention by boobs were getting. The throbbing had
intensified, and my cunt was starting to get very wet.
I slowly moved my right hand downwards and pulled my
silk panties to one side. My left hand continued
massaging my boobs as my right hand went to work on my
pussy. I slipped my middle finger into my hot, moist

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