Thursday , March 23 2023

A story of a couple who find a Rocky for their love play

Let me make it absolutely clear before I start with
this true tale, I am not in anyway gay. I have never
wanted to be fucked by another man or even thought
about getting intimate with a member of the same sex.

Sure, I love watching two women going at it, in fact, I
derive great pleasure from seeing a couple of girls
suck and fuck each other. Tongues and fingers going to
work. Breast to breast or sixty-nine, I don’t mind.
It’s a male thing I guess, though I am not sure what
the girls think. It’s okay if they are inclined toward
same sex, I suppose. I don’t think seeing two men going
for gold has the same effect on a woman, but again, I
haven’t asked.

I digress.

So, the fact that I am not gay established, what would
compel me to enter into a session with a Rocky? I have
often wondered that to myself. The best I can come up
with is that I love watching. There is a large part of
many men that is voyeuristic.

Visual stimulation is often all a man needs to get
going. Be it two women together, a man and woman
screwing the eyeballs out of each other or indeed, a
woman with a Rockys cock in any of her receptive holes.
It isn’t quite the same for the female of the species.
Stimulation for a woman is not usually visual, more a
direct approach, like finding herself in a situation
and going with the flow.

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