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A story of father and Daughter Sex Life

My father was an officer in army.Since his child hood he was inclined towards yoga. At the age of 45 papa he took VRS and took training on yoga. After acquiring good knowledge in yoga he started giving training to others taking the out house meant for guests, initially.

He invented his own art of yoga “MAHA SANYAM KRIYA” which was described as the panacea for various types of diseases. Gradually number of participants increased, so he shifted the Yoga School to our Farm House which was just 3k.m away from our home town. The farm is on 10acrs. Land surrounded with fruit bearing and other valuable trees. Due to dense big trees it gives a look of natural forest.

I am Tamanna. When he started his Yaga School, I was 17 yrs. Old and reading in class 12th std. After completion of my board examination he insisted me to join his yaga class. Although I was not so much interested, I started going to his institute with him. The classes were divided into 2 groups, one for gents, and another for ladies.

Morning session (6am to 8 am) was for ladies and evening session (6.30pm to 8.30pm) was for gents. For one course I took training as a student in both session and after that I used to sit beside papa. I was to demonstrate the asanas before others and at the time of practice, we both papa and I were observing the participants and rectifying as and when required.

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