Thursday , March 23 2023

A story of how a submissive transvestite prepares herself

It was to be a long session. Mistress called me from
work and told me to be ready to be well used. It had
been a difficult day and she would be taking out her
frustrations on me! Once the chores were finished I
went up to her bedroom to prepare. First I loaded the
CD player and set it to repeat to provide background
music for my wait. Then I opened the Toy Box and began
to prepare.

First I put on the black Basque with its garters. It
covers from below the breasts to my waist and is quite
tight when it is fastened. Next I drew on the long
black seamed stockings. Carefully I drew them upward
until I could fasten them to the Basque with the
garters. Checking the seams to be sure they were
straight I then carefully disarrayed the right stocking
so as to annoy the Mistress. Not that she would need an
excuse to use me well, but there is no use in taking

Next I bend over and put on the high heels. The high
arch (5 inches) combined with the wide ankle straps
make for a delicious bit of height and bondage.
Especially after the straps are locked, securely
fastening my feet in their bonds.

I pick up the Cock harness and fasten the waist strap
over the Basque and bring the cock ring down to my
stiffening cock. I pull the balls through first and
then squeeze the flaccid penis through. It stays
shrivelled for only a moment and then begins to expand
and swell. Now I get out the creme and grease the butt
plug. Then taking a generous quantity of creme on my
fingertips I reach past the dangling harness and begin
to apply the lubricant to my anus.

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