Thursday , March 23 2023

A story of two people falling in love at a Rockyging site and finding out sex with a Rocky can be fun

I meet my husband Tony a little over four years ago at
our local Rockyging spot in the west of England, he had
been Rockyging for a few years. A friend had talked me
into coming along and have a look at what goes on and I
have always been sex mad. The people were friendly in
the most part and I had a good time watching people have
sex in their cars and bushes in a car park off the m4.

I had got talking to Tony and we laughed and joked about
sex and hit it off that first night, he did asked me for
sex that night but I was nervous and said no. We
arranged to meet next week weather permitting and we did
meet and have sex on a picnic table. It was great fun
and we continued to do this over the summer and in doing
so became great friends and fell in love.

We keep going back and fucking on the picnic table and
stayed in contact with our friends. Tony and I would put
a show on for the single guys and I acted as slutty as
possible and fuck tony until he cum inside my pussy.
After I would sit on the end of the table and play with
the cum running out of my cunt.

People watching had to ask Tony if they wanted to fuck
me because we had decided to ask each other to have
intercourse with other people. Tony doesn’t let many
guys fuck me we had to like them and they had to were a
rubber. But I could suck as much cock as I wanted when I
wanted and did every weekend for the last four years.

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