Thursday , March 30 2023

A stressed-out young athlete meets hippy chick who mellows him the old fashioned way

People expected things from Jason.

His parents expected him to get good grades, not just
good, but over the top, anything less was unacceptable.
His teachers had come to expect quality work from him,
his coaches expected him to perform to his fullest.

He had been pushed from every direction to excel and
perform at a level that kept the pressure on Jason all
the time.

He was intelligent enough to understand, they were
looking out for his future. He felt that if he fell
below those standards he would be paying the rest of
his life.

At eighteen he saw his life ahead as being far off, a
struggle that he had just begun. Self-awareness had
settled over him.

He was not allowed to date, any activity that would
take from his more important activities simply was not
tolerated. His time was scheduled and allotted and
dating was not a constructive activity. It was
frivolous and time consuming; his time was better spent

Jason was on the student council; he was vice president
of the senior class. He was already well known for his
activities in Football, Baseball, Wrestling and Boxing.
He had no desire to play Basketball.

At thirteen he had learned about masturbation from an
older cousin. He didn’t actively participate in self-
gratification; he would not admit that he engaged in
such a sinful activity. If his parents found out, they
would tell him it was not conductive to his goals.

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