Thursday , March 30 2023

A surgery nurse

Kath didn’t really have to break much of a sweat when
she played her sister, which was just as well today as
it was over 90 already and she’d been out pretty late
the night before.

The courts were deserted because it was Wednesday and
not everyone got Wednesdays off like she did. Her
sister, Lynn, had graduated from high school last June
and was still living at home, trying to figure out
what to do with her life. Her sister was absolutely
gorgeous in the classic southern California beach
blonde, peaches and cream complexion sort of way,
thank God she had taken Kath’s advice and never worn
much makeup, it gave her this wild natural look that
drove men crazy. Not to mention the boys her own age.

Kath wasn’t jealous of her sister, she was rather
proud of Lynn and how level headed she was about it
all, and she knew Lynn would get her act together and
make something of herself, no doubt about it.

Lynn at the moment was wondering why she agreed to
play this morning, it was really hot for March and
Kath always beat her anyway. She was just so
methodical, making Lynn look like an idiot running
clear cross court to return each shot, running hard
left, then running hard right, while Kath just stood
there in the middle of her baseline grinning at her.
Finally she just walked over to the side bench and sat

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