Thursday , March 30 2023

A tale of love between a house maid and her daughter, and a widower and his son

A Suburban home somewhere in South Africa.

I would guess our black maid was barely 30, she was a
bit shorter than me, with large bedroom eyes, gorgeous
breasts and an ass I was desperate to feel in my hands.

She had been working for us, my dad and I, for nearly a
year. My mother had been killed in a car accident just
over three years previously, and try as we might;
neither of us had quite mastered the art of looking
after the house. Mary had been a godsend. She moved
into our servant’s quarters and had taken over the
house. I could see that Dad enjoyed having a woman
around again. I did not realize just how much. As a
typical 16-year-old guy, I often fantasized about
fucking her beautiful black cunt.

She was the most erotically beautiful woman I had ever
seen. Dad had no racial prejudice and had brought me up
the same, so Mary was like a member of the family. My
school was fully multi-racial with wall-to-wall black
and white babes. Tall and short, full-breasted and
skinny, lightly muscled and all soft curves, superbly
rounded butts and small rear-shelves – I wanted to fuck
them all. I was just too shy talk to them.

Tim, my best friend, who was black and the exact
opposite to me in many ways, had already fucked his way
through a dozen white and two dozen black girls in the
school. Not that the split had any real meaning to him,
pussy was pussy and his cocky attitude got him all the
cunt he wanted.

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