Thursday , March 30 2023

A teacher, A Parent, A Cuckold

My wife and I live in a small town where I had worked my
way up over the years to become the manager of my local
office. About a month ago, I got notified that I was in
line for a promotion but it would involve my wife and me
relocating to a larger town halfway across the country.

My pay would increase by almost 30%, my wife was tickled
at the thought of extra cash but was reluctant to leave
her many friends. We talked it out and agreed that I
should take the job, as a teacher she could always find
work anywhere and we could always move back here if it
didn’t work out.

One night while my wife and I were having sex in the
backyard under the stars, we were reliving one of our
favorite fantasies of her having sex with another man.
We had never thought of actually doing it because she
feared word of it would leak out and then she would be
afraid of facing her friends again. I never thought she
would really do anything for real but I made the comment
that we could now do it since we would be leaving the
area in a few months.

She got a sparkle in her eyes I had never seen before.
She gave me a great big smile and said, “We really could
couldn’t we.” She took my hardening dick in her hand and
said, “Just think, I could have two maybe even three
months of fun and maybe give you that creampie you
always dreamed of, but with who I asked. My wife
confessed that a single father of one of her students
has always flirted with her whenever they had teacher
parent conferences and said she has often pictured him
when he had our pillow talk.

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