Saturday , April 1 2023

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Tanya woke up suddenly. Her whole body was covered in sweat. Her breath was fast and shallow, she felt like she had finished a marathon. She felt disoriented.

She tapped her Samsung Galaxy S8+. It was 3:30am in the night. No notifications on Facebook or WhatsApp. A car whooshed by on the street. Who’s out so late she wondered.

Her husband, Jimmy was sleeping peacefully. Tanya observed him for sometime. ‘He’s getting fat’, she thought. ‘And old. Damn I am getting old.’

She wondered whether she should check on her kids. But it felt like too much to bother. She softly went to the washroom and wiped her naked body with a towel. They always slept naked. Her fad. She read somewhere it’s good for the body. She looked at her body in the full length mirror. As she cupped her 32C breasts, she remembered how small they once were and how inferior she felt throughout her teenage. Motherhood had finally given her the required bulk. Still they were perky, not sagging. She wondered whether hers would remain tight as long as her mother or grandma.

Tanya is a professor of nuclear physics, the youngest faculty in the IIT. Regardless of how path breaking her researches were, her political involvement restricted her. No government would employ her, given her strong stance against nuclear weapons and even nuclear power plants. And she loved her life. She got to be around young hopeful minds, not dull old bureaucrats and politicians.

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