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A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Tanya woke up suddenly. Her whole body was covered in sweat. Her breath was fast and shallow, she felt like she had finished a marathon. She felt disoriented.

She tapped her Samsung Galaxy S8+. It was 3:30am in the night. No notifications on Facebook or WhatsApp. A car whooshed by on the street. Who’s out so late she wondered.

Her husband, Jimmy was sleeping peacefully. Tanya observed him for sometime. ‘He’s getting fat’, she thought. ‘And old. Damn I am getting old.’

She wondered whether she should check on her kids. But it felt like too much to bother. She softly went to the washroom and wiped her naked body with a towel. They always slept naked. Her fad. She read somewhere it’s good for the body. She looked at her body in the full length mirror. As she cupped her 32C breasts, she remembered how small they once were and how inferior she felt throughout her teenage. Motherhood had finally given her the required bulk. Still they were perky, not sagging. She wondered whether hers would remain tight as long as her mother or grandma.

Tanya is a professor of nuclear physics, the youngest faculty in the IIT. Regardless of how path breaking her researches were, her political involvement restricted her. No government would employ her, given her strong stance against nuclear weapons and even nuclear power plants. And she loved her life. She got to be around young hopeful minds, not dull old bureaucrats and politicians.

Every now and then, she would find a student she liked more than others. Currently it was Sucheta. In the class of 80 crediting the course, she was the only girl. She reminded Tanya of her own young self; athletic, sexy and literally the genius. Moreover, she came from Tanya’s hometown and spoke the same vernacular dialect.

Tanya wasn’t bad looking herself. She had never been sexy or pretty unlike her two closest friends Anita and Zoya, but there was something in her that attracted men. And even at 35, she was full of enthusiasm like a 22year old. The 10 miles running she did every morning, ever since she was 15, kept her in shape despite the two pregnancies. And she had inherited pretty good genes from her mother.

So Tanya did attract the attention of her students, boys of 18-20. Full of virility, stuck in an institution with sex ratio of 10:100, it was normal they would ogle her; whether in her saree or shirt-jeans. Often when she would come in T-shirt and jeans, she would look like a student rather than a teacher. In-fact some post-docs were older than her. Tanya didn’t dislike the sexual attention from her students. It kept them in the class away from their video games and drunken brawls.

Sucheta’s arrival had sparked an old interest in Tanya. They often played basketball on the weekends. Except the two of them, the rest were all boys. This is hardly unexpected: nerdy athletic girls are like super rare. Especially in India, where girls are supposed to choose marriage over career and singing to sports.

Tanya enjoyed playing against boys double her weight, though she knew most of the faculty disapproved of her. But the adrenaline rush of dunking the ball while surrounded by a gang of jocks had a lure she couldn’t let go. She didn’t mind the bumping of sweaty bodies at all. Unlike public transport, on the field nobody pawed her perversely.

As she wiped her bottom, she giggled at the memory of the dream. She longed for the feel of freshly spanked bottom, the taste of tears rolling down her cheeks. Introduced to spanking as a punishment in childhood, she has developed a sexual taste for it. It ran in the family. She was natural at switching, her submissive self and dominant role never too far from each other. Jimmy was however not very natural to be bottom, he preferred to remain the top.

She had dreamed of being spanked. Spanked with belt and then caned. Naked, bent over the table, by one of her students. No, not Sucheta. Sucheta was beside her, suffering the same fate. Two confident young women, stripped naked and spanked. It was Bishnu who did it.

Bishnu was a quirky boy. Overweight, spectacled and introvert, he had a wit that made him most endearing. And intelligent too; as a computer science student, nuclear physics wasn’t actually his domain nor necessary in his core curriculum, but he often had deep insights that’s unexpected of the level of the course. And to Tanya’s amazement, Sucheta had started dating Bishnu.

It was a funny story how Tanya started liking Bishnu. It was the third lecture and Tanya noticed this overweight boy with unkempt beard leering at her breasts. She was infuriated, she pulled him up and asked, ‘Is there something on my t-shirt that requires attention?’ sarcasm thick in her voice. “Yes Ma’am. Yogurt” the reply was most unexpected. She looked down and found yogurt splattered right where her nipples were. She cursed the aim of her 2year old boy. Unable to back down, she had to walk up to the boy, “I guess you would like help me clean it.” Again he acted in the most unexpected manner. He took out his handkerchief and softly wiped off the yogurt without the touch being inappropriate in the least.

But in the dream, Bishnu had touched her in the most inappropriate manner. Sucheta and Tanya were standing naked in front of Bishnu. He was twisting their nipples. Then he pushed Sucheta down to suck him while pulling Tanya close for a kiss. Their tongues fenced inside their conjoined mouths, while Sucheta swirled her tongue around the head of Bishnu’s dick. His hands cupped her ample breasts, slightly squeezing them. A shiver ran down her spine. Then she realized her bottom felt warm. Ooh… Bishnu had spanked her. His thick leather belt lay on the ground.

How did they end up like that, Tanya tried to remember. She and Sucheta had decided to go out for some drinks. Sucheta had just turned 18 and wanted to celebrate her new found freedom. Drunk, they crashed at Tanya’s flat. The two women got frisky with each other and soon their naked bodies were grinding against each other. Tanya still didn’t understand her bisexuality.

Phones should have a sensor for drunk calling, Tanya mused. Drunk Sucheta had called Bishop and described in choicest words how Tanya’s tongue had done a better job than his cock. It didn’t take long for the guy to turn up at Tanya’s place. He was greeted at the door by his naked girlfriend and naked professor. Tanya told him that she was disappointed it was him and not her husband. She slurred that if it was her husband, the two of them would have been bent over the table and their bottoms roasted with a belt.

Tanya and Jimmy had shot amateur porns during college to fund her fees. They were a classic as far as Indian spanking porns are concerned. It didn’t take Bishnu long to realize what his teacher wanted from him. He complied with the request and ordered them both to stand in different corners, legs spread apart shoulder length, hands on top of head, breasts jutting out. Tanya smiled as she recognized the pose her family had introduced to Indian pornography. But Sucheta was new to it, and the extremely exhibitory nature of the pose made her blush.

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