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A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

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Tanya felt surprised at the vividness of her dream. It was too realistic to be a dream. She suddenly felt a hunch. Friday was Sucheta’s birthday. She remembered planning for it. And she saw now it was Sunday. OMG!! It wasn’t a dream at all, just she reliving her memories from 2days before.

Where was my husband? and my kids? Tanya wondered. Did they see me having sex with my students? Of course, she didn’t have normal heterosexual penetration (she hardly did it, that too only with Jimmy. She found it too much of a bother, requiring condoms and pills) but still it was sexual. But if that was Friday and this is Sunday, what happened on Saturday?!

Jimmy felt bored sitting in his cubicle. It was Friday 7pm, most people had left early to enjoy the weekend. But Jimmy didn’t want to go to the empty apartment. The kids had gone to their grandma’s and his wife Tanya was going out with someone. A student apparently; it was most unlike her to mix profession and personal. With their lifestyle and their past history, it was a necessity.

Jimmy decided to re-watch some of the videos and went in to a private box. He always kept some of their shenanigans on the phone. As the video started, Tanya and two of her friends came on the screen. Both of them were actresses, successful in the film industry; Zoya more than Anita. Jimmy, his twin brother Jacky (husband of Anita) and their buddy Charlie (husband of Zoya) were sipping whiskey as the women swirled their wine glasses and danced to the music. Jimmy fast-forwarded to the point where the women were slowly leaving their sarees open on the ground.

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