Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Zoya was the definition of sexy, sultry seductress. The leading actress of the industry, even at 35 girls half her age can’t match her sexual appeal. She commanded the industry with an iron fist: you cross her and nobody would even talk to you.

Anita was pretty too; at any other time she would have led the industry. But she couldn’t compare to Zoya and her love-hate relationship with Zoya peppered her career with crests and troughs. But for the last 7-8 years Zoya had managed to steer her friend into a career in character roles away from mainstream films, where she wasn’t competing directly with Zoya. This had been a turning point for her career as well their friendship.

Jimmy fast-forwarded to the part where the ladies were naked and getting spanked across their husbands’ knees. Soon they swapped places with their friends and all the three men took turns spanking the three women. Finally the men too got naked and got their spankings from the women. Watching the video made Jimmy hard and he went to the restroom to get rid of his jizz.

As he was going out of the office, he came across some of his junior colleagues.

“Hi Jimmy! We are going for some drinks. Wanna come?” the sexy Priya asked him. She looked enticing in her net top and mini pants. He had flirted with her earlier and she had reciprocated. Jimmy and Tanya did not mind each other having sex outside marriage, as long as it didn’t interfere with their relationship.

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