Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

“If you people don’t mind getting stuck with an old bore, why not?”

“Oh Jimmy! You are such a gentleman!” The relationship between Jimmy and Priya wasn’t that private. Everyone knew about it, but they also knew Jimmy wouldn’t let a fling affect his professionalism or personal matters.

Soon Jimmy was in the bar with the girls. It turned out that Priya was the only single girl in the group and before long Jimmy and Priya were coupled together. A few drinks and they were kissing and petting like the other couples without concern.

When Jimmy looked at the watch it was nearing 11:30. The bar was mostly empty, his colleagues nowhere to seen. Priya was way too drunk to return home alone and Jimmy had no idea where she lived. Jimmy decided it would be easiest to take her to his home and let her stay the night. The guest room was always kept ready. Jimmy booked an Uber and carried a drunk-beyond-senses Priya into the cab. Luckily Priya didn’t puke. He had seen the younger generation drinking till they puked; he hated that.

When Jimmy got to home, carrying an unconscious girl, he was surprised to find the door open ajar. He saw with surprise a young boy spanking his naked wife on the bottom while a young naked girl was kneeling in the corner. Luckily for him, all three were turned away from him. Dumping Priya in the guest room, he grabbed the camcorder. They always recorded these things to enjoy later. Positioning himself in the false ceiling expressly made for the purpose of filming their shenanigans, it was well stocked with snacks and tissues. He hoped the boy and the girl was above 18 so that he isn’t shooting child pornography. If they were, the film can be deleted but Jimmy was enjoying his wife’s debasement too much to let go of the chance.

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