Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Jimmy woke up with the feeling of someone touching his penis. It was Priya. She was sucking him, ignoring the fact that Tanya, his wife, was laying naked right next to him. Having sex in front of his wife wasn’t unusual for Jimmy, but he preferred her to be awake and enjoying the show. Moreover it was doubtful that Priya herself was in her senses. A perfunctory conversation informed Jimmy that his suspicion was true; Priya was still under the influence of the alcohol. But as she expertly swirled her tongue against the bulbous head of his penis, he lost all interest in dissuading her. He lay there enjoying the treatment, till hot spunk shot out and rolled down Priya’s throat.

Priya got up on the bed and made herself comfortable in between the two bodies. Her back rubbed against Tanya’s back while her breasts mashed against Jimmy. Jimmy started feeling her up, and cuddling with her big soft breasts was enough to make him hard again. His hands was all over her while she too explored his body. Their mouths were jointed in passionate kiss as the tongues dwelled and explored each other’s mouth. Tanya lay to one side oblivious that his husband was fucking his colleague right on the marital bed. Priya was sitting on top of Jimmy, vigorously riding his prick. Flesh thumped against flesh, as Jimmy’s penis pistoned into Priya’s thatch. The two never noticed that Tanya had woken up and was kissing Priya’s breasts. It was only after both of them had enjoyed their orgasms did the register Tanya’s presence. Tanya was expertly playing with Priya’s breasts, sucking and pinching the nipples, cuddling the flesh and sometimes slapping them.

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