Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Priya had no homosexual tendencies but she couldn’t resist doing the same to Tanya. Jimmy enjoyed the sight of his wife’s chocolate brown body mashed against his subordinate colleague’s fair skin. Jimmy knew where the double ended dildo resided in Tanya’s lingerie drawer and helped the two women insert it into their cunts. The view of the two buttocks grinding against each other was too enticing. He folded his belt and started whapping them. The two women moaned in pain and pleasure.

Jimmy was surprised that not only Tanya but also Priya was enjoying the belting. The two were in a liplock, their legs tightly wrapped around in a scissoring, the double ended dildo inserted deep inside till the two cunts rubbed against each other. The two women were enjoying each other’s breasts, fondling them lovingly. Although he had already cum twice this morning Jimmy was hard as stone. His belting only gave them renewed vigor and soon they were in the throes of orgasm. As soon as they broke apart, Jimmy impatiently thrust into his wife’s cunt. It was rare, Tanya wasn’t that enthusiastic about normal sex. But now they were so excited that they were happy having sex in missionary position. Jimmy was thrusting like a mad bull, his heart struggling to pump blood so fast. The red welt on Tanya’s breasts seemed like a constant vitalizer for Jimmy. And Priya was assisting by licking and sucking his balls. Jimmy felt faint as soon as his hot spunk splashed all over Tanya’s cunt. As he rolled over exhausted, Priya clamped her lips over Tanya’s cunt, sucking in the mixture of Jimmy’s sperm and her juices, that she then proceeded to spit swap with Tanya.

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