Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Priya had never had any homo-erotic thoughts ever, but she couldn’t resist Tanya. She looked like a Greek goddess cast in bronze, the raw power of her chiselled muscles rippled under her shining dark skin, her beauty only enhanced by the battle marks. Priya traced her fingers down the scar across Tanya’s taut stomach, a remnant of the whipping she had taken in a Mood Pictures shooting. The two women too drifted into sleep, their bodies in tight embrace.

In the other room, Bishnu was watching his girlfriend’s naked form. They have had sex multiple times last night, till the early wee hours of the morning. Sucheta slept soundly, exhausted by the corporal punishment and the sex. Bishnu felt intrigued by the marks he had left on his girlfriend’s pristine body. He didn’t feel guilty, he knew Sucheta had felt a mysterious mixture of pain and pleasure. He softly kissed on her right breast. Not only the marks with the ruler, last night he had bitten her nipples too. He could see the teeth marks. He cupped her ample breasts wondering how he had bagged her. He realized watching her had made him hard, but he didn’t wish to wake her up. He went to the toilet, relieving himself of his jizz. He wondered how many did he orgasm in the last 12 hours. Bhisnu was feeling hungry and found some bananas in the kitchen. He wondered about the apartment, stark naked. He found the master bedroom and peeped in. He saw Tanya sleeping in a tight embrace with a woman he hadn’t met, their contrasting skin standing out. In the same bed, lay her husband, like a discarded rag. Bishnu felt a slight chill down his spine. He was a simple boy from a conservative middle class family. What was he getting involved in!

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