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A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Bishnu had no answer. He made an attempt to massage her head.

“Where are they? Why are you still naked?”

“Umm… Everyone else is. And I guess we tore our clothes.”

A clock somewhere rang its bell twelve times. 12 noon. Sucheta got up from the bed, the Winnie the Pooh bedsheet wrapped around her. It looked comical. She couldn’t decide what to do. Should she leave? With or without Bishnu. She didn’t understand her conflicting thought about him. And about Tanya mam. She had always known about her debauchery. But it felt dirty to be involved in it herself. When she looked at the master bedroom and found the three naked bodies, her mind revolted.

“Bishnu. Find me something to wear. Get dressed. We are leaving.” he didn’t dare to argue looking at her sombre face. He had already noticed their jeans lying in the living room. He stole a couple of t shirts- one for each of them, and found his underpants. Unfortunately Sucheta’s was damaged beyond use. Her bra too was in horrible condition. They dressed in silence and left without disturbing the others, the automatic lock of the door closing behind them.

Priya woke up at 2pm. She felt disoriented. She was hugging some woman she didn’t properly remember. Then she noticed Jimmy. She realized with a shock that all three of them were naked. Jimmy and Tanya’s marriage photo mocked her from the bedside. She had not just had sex with her senior colleague but also his wife? But of course she was not bisexual! Her last coherent memory was kissing Jimmy in the alley behind the bar. She roamed around the apartment in search of her clothes. Her discarded clothes in the guest room brought back some shameful memories. Jimmy had left her alone. She had stripped naked then walked into the master bedroom and fucked him. He hadn’t forced her, her own subconscious had while alcohol had dulled her consciousness. She felt shame wash over her. She had been such a slut. Snatches of memories came back to her. She cried out in frustration, tears rolling down her eyes.

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