Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Every now and then, she would find a student she liked more than others. Currently it was Sucheta. In the class of 80 crediting the course, she was the only girl. She reminded Tanya of her own young self; athletic, sexy and literally the genius. Moreover, she came from Tanya’s hometown and spoke the same vernacular dialect.

Tanya wasn’t bad looking herself. She had never been sexy or pretty unlike her two closest friends Anita and Zoya, but there was something in her that attracted men. And even at 35, she was full of enthusiasm like a 22year old. The 10 miles running she did every morning, ever since she was 15, kept her in shape despite the two pregnancies. And she had inherited pretty good genes from her mother.

So Tanya did attract the attention of her students, boys of 18-20. Full of virility, stuck in an institution with sex ratio of 10:100, it was normal they would ogle her; whether in her saree or shirt-jeans. Often when she would come in T-shirt and jeans, she would look like a student rather than a teacher. In-fact some post-docs were older than her. Tanya didn’t dislike the sexual attention from her students. It kept them in the class away from their video games and drunken brawls.

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