Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Sucheta’s arrival had sparked an old interest in Tanya. They often played basketball on the weekends. Except the two of them, the rest were all boys. This is hardly unexpected: nerdy athletic girls are like super rare. Especially in India, where girls are supposed to choose marriage over career and singing to sports.

Tanya enjoyed playing against boys double her weight, though she knew most of the faculty disapproved of her. But the adrenaline rush of dunking the ball while surrounded by a gang of jocks had a lure she couldn’t let go. She didn’t mind the bumping of sweaty bodies at all. Unlike public transport, on the field nobody pawed her perversely.

As she wiped her bottom, she giggled at the memory of the dream. She longed for the feel of freshly spanked bottom, the taste of tears rolling down her cheeks. Introduced to spanking as a punishment in childhood, she has developed a sexual taste for it. It ran in the family. She was natural at switching, her submissive self and dominant role never too far from each other. Jimmy was however not very natural to be bottom, he preferred to remain the top.

She had dreamed of being spanked. Spanked with belt and then caned. Naked, bent over the table, by one of her students. No, not Sucheta. Sucheta was beside her, suffering the same fate. Two confident young women, stripped naked and spanked. It was Bishnu who did it.

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