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A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Bishnu was a quirky boy. Overweight, spectacled and introvert, he had a wit that made him most endearing. And intelligent too; as a computer science student, nuclear physics wasn’t actually his domain nor necessary in his core curriculum, but he often had deep insights that’s unexpected of the level of the course. And to Tanya’s amazement, Sucheta had started dating Bishnu.

It was a funny story how Tanya started liking Bishnu. It was the third lecture and Tanya noticed this overweight boy with unkempt beard leering at her breasts. She was infuriated, she pulled him up and asked, ‘Is there something on my t-shirt that requires attention?’ sarcasm thick in her voice. “Yes Ma’am. Yogurt” the reply was most unexpected. She looked down and found yogurt splattered right where her nipples were. She cursed the aim of her 2year old boy. Unable to back down, she had to walk up to the boy, “I guess you would like help me clean it.” Again he acted in the most unexpected manner. He took out his handkerchief and softly wiped off the yogurt without the touch being inappropriate in the least.

But in the dream, Bishnu had touched her in the most inappropriate manner. Sucheta and Tanya were standing naked in front of Bishnu. He was twisting their nipples. Then he pushed Sucheta down to suck him while pulling Tanya close for a kiss. Their tongues fenced inside their conjoined mouths, while Sucheta swirled her tongue around the head of Bishnu’s dick. His hands cupped her ample breasts, slightly squeezing them. A shiver ran down her spine. Then she realized her bottom felt warm. Ooh… Bishnu had spanked her. His thick leather belt lay on the ground.

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