Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

How did they end up like that, Tanya tried to remember. She and Sucheta had decided to go out for some drinks. Sucheta had just turned 18 and wanted to celebrate her new found freedom. Drunk, they crashed at Tanya’s flat. The two women got frisky with each other and soon their naked bodies were grinding against each other. Tanya still didn’t understand her bisexuality.

Phones should have a sensor for drunk calling, Tanya mused. Drunk Sucheta had called Bishop and described in choicest words how Tanya’s tongue had done a better job than his cock. It didn’t take long for the guy to turn up at Tanya’s place. He was greeted at the door by his naked girlfriend and naked professor. Tanya told him that she was disappointed it was him and not her husband. She slurred that if it was her husband, the two of them would have been bent over the table and their bottoms roasted with a belt.

Tanya and Jimmy had shot amateur porns during college to fund her fees. They were a classic as far as Indian spanking porns are concerned. It didn’t take Bishnu long to realize what his teacher wanted from him. He complied with the request and ordered them both to stand in different corners, legs spread apart shoulder length, hands on top of head, breasts jutting out. Tanya smiled as she recognized the pose her family had introduced to Indian pornography. But Sucheta was new to it, and the extremely exhibitory nature of the pose made her blush.

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