Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

First it was Tanya’s turn to bend over the table. Her long legs spread apart as she bent over the low table. Her rump pointed up, almost naughtily asking for chastisement. Her vagina and arsehole was spread apart by her pose. Bishnu took off his thick leather belt and assessed the situation. This was his first time. He had fapped many times throughout his teenage, at Tanya’s videos. Now he had her, his teacher and teenage crush, waiting for him to spank her.

He swung the belt at her bottom. First time it hardly reached her,. He came up closer and swung again.


The fleshy bottom flattened with the force, bouncing back instantly. The skin took a slightly pinkish hue where the belt had striked. Bishnu looked raptly at it. He swung again, this time a little lower. The second stroke fell almost parallel to the first one. In quick succession, Bishnu kept belting her. SWAP! THAWCK!… THAWCK!

The lack of response from Tanya frustrated him. He remembered how sexy she sounded when she moaned “Ooh!” and “Aah!” in the videos. He increased his tempo and force. Tanya’s hardened bum finally felt the barrage of the strokes. As the pain built up in her bottom, pleasure flowed from her vagina. As juice rolled down her thighs, Bishnu was rewarded with her first moan. Encouraged he belted harder and faster, raising welts with every stroke.

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