Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Tanya sobbed from the pain and complained loudly. She pleaded and begged to be let go, but Bishnu had been an attentive student to her videos. He slowed down but didn’t stop. He now varied his pattern, choosing less red areas to spank. Her sit spots and lower thighs received special attention from him. When he changed over to her inner thigh, the belt was coated with her juices. The strapping on her wet thighs left them roasted well done.

He ended her punishment with two quick whacks on her labia, that inflamed them. Sucheta watched raptly from her place in the corner her boyfriend punishing her mentor and role model. The fear and anticipation made her heart race. This would be her first time. She had received the cane in school, but it didn’t compare.

“Go and kneel in the corner. Hands above your head. Sucheta, come and take Tanya’s place.”

Tanya followed the instructions, still crying her eyes out. Sucheta gulped down her fears and bent over. She was shorter than Tanya, but just by a couple of inches. She found the pose really difficult. When Bishnu grabbed her from the back and oriented her, she chaffed at the manhandling. Any other time, she would have responded with a tight slap, but now she had submitted herself.

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