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A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Soon Bishnu was belting his girlfriend. Intuitive she might not be as used to it as Tanya, he belted a little slower and softer. Still Sucheta cried from the pain. But once in a while when Bishnu caressed her bottoms, it sent some weird signal to her vagina which flooded with juices. Sucheta didn’t understand, she didn’t know what to feel. She felt angry and sad that her boy friend was hitting her and from the pain; yet somewhere in that pain there was a pleasure whose origin was mystified to her. She felt a sense of freedom in the submission; an empowerment in the bending over. When Bishnu fingered her vagina, while rubbing her bottom he found her extremely wet. Till now the ruder of their relationship was firmly in the hands of Sucheta, but now they both enjoyed Bishnu’s captainship.

When Sucheta’s bottom had been properly roasted, the two women were told to stand side by side. Bishnu compared the two bodies. Tanya had much fuller breasts but taut like a rope, Sucheta had paler skin and some fat under the skin. Also Sucheta was unblemished while marks of experiments gone wrong dotted Tanya’s body.

He took the wooden ruler and tapped it against his girlfriend’s nipples. They stood up from the anticipation. Smack! The breast flattened under the pressure and the skin was left with a red angry welt. Then he struck the other breast, raising another welt there. He then turned his attention to Tanya. Her breasts received two strikes in quick succession. Her darker skin guised the welts better. Bishnu increased his hitting power to raise welts on her body too. Tanya was enjoying that the young boy learned so fast her needs and how they differed from the younger woman’s. Within minutes the two women were crying, their breasts marked with chastisement.

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