Wednesday , October 5 2022

A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Tanya felt fingers at her vagina. The fingers were tentatively feeling her labia. She thrust her pubic, inserting them deep inside. If the boy was surprised, he didn’t show it. The fingers started exploring their new environment, sending torrents of pleasure when they touched her g-spot. The fingers learned quickly where to touch to send their cave into spasms. They teased about, raising her intensity slowly to the brink and then quickly receding. Bishnu played with Sucheta in the same way. The two women drifted about in trance of orgasm as they were repeatedly brought to the brink and then failed. When they finally tipped over, the women didn’t restrict their voices anyway.

When Tanya was back to senses, her body felt exhausted. The sugar from the alcohol had been well spent, her vagina throbbing from the shattering orgasm, her boobs and bums spanked red and welted. Sucheta came back to the earth a little later. Bishnu finally opened his zip and took out his cock. He got his girlfriend to give him head, while pulling his teacher closer to kiss. As her tongue flicked about the bulbous head, their tongues sparred. Soon he was cumming down Sucheta’s throat; the long night had really tested his holding capacity. A torrent of thick white cum plastered her throat and mouth before she even had the chance to open her mouth, and salty jizz filled her stomach.

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