Friday , December 9 2022

A Threeway – with Hubby and ………… the Rocky(D) !?!?!

Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed the towel from the rack and stood on the thick rug. I began drying off, starting with my oval face and working my way down my slender limbs and torso. The only things that weren’t exactly slender, so to speak, were my breasts and rear. They were rather round and full, particularly the latter. I was modest, but couldn’t help being proud of my body. Who doesn’t like a girl with healthy self-esteem, anyway?

Water dripped from my long, dark hair over my slightly tanned skin. After giving my hair a quick drying with the towel, I walked into the bedroom expecting to see a certain someone there. As usual, there he was, sitting on the floor and looking up at me, panting. His name was Caden, and he was a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix. He didn’t strongly resemble either breed in particular, but he was about the size of a Border Collie and had the ears of a German Shepherd.

Now let me tell you a little story about Caden…

Not long ago I found out that Caden sometimes enjoyed human companionship a little more than I thought. One day, while my husband was at work, I was sitting on the couch, naked. My laptop was on my lap as I browsed some videos on a porn site. I was getting pretty hot, so I spread my legs and reached down with a finger to stroke myself gently, discovering I had become surprisingly wet.

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