Friday , December 9 2022

A transvestite meets up with a guy and his Rocky

As I lazily drove along in the evening’s dim light and
looked down at the hem of my black PVC mini-skirt, I
saw that as I passed under the orange glow of the
street-lights, the knob-end of my semi-hard cock, my
black suspenders and my stocking-tops were plainly
visible between my nylon-clad thighs! I seldom if ever
wear panties or briefs preferring to let my cock and
balls dangle naked and unhindered underneath a short
skirt or dress.

Maybe I should explain right here and now that I’m
what’s known as a cross-dresser, a transvestite, a
trannie or whatever else you might like to call me.

I’ve loved wearing women’s clothes and undies ever
since I first became aware of my body, and over the
last 25 years, have built up a considerable collection
of women’s clothes, undies, wigs, jewellery, makeup and
other feminine oddments, in my deep and passionate
desire to appear and act more womanly when I’m feeling
horny and on the lookout for some cock!

To this end, in my everyday life I wear my hair long
something perfectly acceptable, even by today’s
standards for a 33 year old guy. Most of the time it
just hangs loose, but when I change into my alter-ego
as Suzy a name I call myself when I’m dressed and
looking like a woman, I spend a great deal of time in
front of the dressing-table mirror, blow-waving and
shaping my hair into a more feminine style.

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