Friday , December 9 2022

A traveling salesman with a secret fetish

Robert was fed up. He’d already had three days of
driving around trying to drum up business, with
consequently two nights in mediocre hotels and the
only consolation there had been was that he was able
to spend both nights totally clothed in his beloved

Even when he had the anxious moment when the
chambermaid, the usual elderly female, had brought
morning tea which he had not ordered, and he hardly
had the time to remove his latex hood before she was
shuffling into the room.

Now, expecting to return home, he had followed the
boss’s standing instructions to telephone back to the
office first, only to be told that he must make one
further visit, entailing another night’s stay in the
unfamiliar town. His AAA book showed only two hotels
here. The receptionist at the first hotel shook her

“Sorry, absolutely filled up. You can try the George,
but I expect it will be the same there.”

Even more disconsolate at the thought of trailing
around trying to find a bed-and-breakfast address,
Robert set off for the George. It did not look very
impressive as he approached the desk with misgivings.
The only person in sight was an Asian woman in her
late 20’s, who appeared to be the manageress, speaking
on the phone. She finished the call and turned to him.
Robert could now how young and attractive she was,
though she did seem quite flustered. Probably just
learning the trade, Robert asked her if she had any
rooms vacant.

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