Friday , December 9 2022

A trip home with a man we met Rockyging

I met a nice chap Jay, who is in his fifties, when I
was parked in a car park one night. It was too hot in
the house for me to get comfortable so I had gone for
a drive to cool off and I was sitting in a car park
known for Rockyging (if I saw any “shows” it would be a
bonus!). We had spoken several times before (I am
quite regular at this car park) and I had mentioned
him to Dee, who is in her thirties, when she asked who
I had seen whilst I was out. She had even met him once
on a trip out with me and started to suck him off but
some inconsiderate person parked right opposite us and
kept staring at us which put her right off so we went
home, frustrated that night.

Anyway we started chatting about things and the
conversation turned to sex and what went on in the car
park at night. I told him that my wife still had an
occasional interest in that sort of fun (see Wife’s
First Real Rocky(D)ging Experience), but that she would
rather go back to someone’s place as it would be more
comfortable and not as risky.

He said that he lived alone in his own flat and that
Dee and I would be more than welcome to come back to
his for some fun. I told him that it would be entirely
up to Dee if we did and if anything happened, he
totally agreed with me saying that it was her body
and, should he be lucky enough to be able to do
anything, it would be her that called the shots. I
told him that we would both probably be out on Tuesday
evening and he said he would look out for us.

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