Thursday , December 8 2022

A true story about the first time I took my wife to the local gloryhole

I have sucked cock and been sucked by other men for
years, but my wife didn’t know. I wanted to tell her,
but couldn’t find a way to bring it up. It occurred to
me that whenever we watched a porn flick, she made the
same remark, “They always shows girl-on-girl, but never
show guys sucking other guys.” So I just needed to make
my move after our next porno!

We went to the local porn theatre, wearing our usual,
easy-access clothing. During an average flick, I could
finger-fuck Ann to 2 or 3 orgasms. She would pull my
cock, but I usually waited until we got home to drop my
load. She was ALWAYS hot when we left the theatre, and
when she was hot, she thought just about ANYTHING was a
good idea! This time, I worked her to 2 orgasms, but
kept her from going over the edge for the third time.
She was hot and ready!

I had parked our car slightly further from the theatre
than usual. We had to walk past the adult book store
that was my FAVORITE glory hole hunting ground! Just as
expected, Ann said “They never show two GUYS sucking!”

I told her I’d suck a cock if she wanted to see it!

“WHAT?!? No you wouldn’t!” By now, we’re walking into
the ABS. “What are we doing here?” I paid our admission
fees, and got $5 worth of tokens, to go with the two
rolls over quarters in my pockets. We “browsed” for a
minute or two, and then headed for the video booths.
Several men were cruising the booths, and all watched
as we stepped into a booth that I knew had a gloryhole.
A pretty young woman was a rarity here, especially back

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