Saturday , June 3 2023

A true telling of my life of sex

Ever since I was a young boy I always enjoyed the
feeling of being completely, unabashedly, naked. There
is something so erotic about being totally, deliciously
naked. It even feels more naughty and exciting when I
have a raging hard on and can walk around stroking it,
or admiring it in the mirror. Of course there is the
added excitement of the possibility of being caught not
only naked, but with a hard on just about to burst forth
a load of boy juice.

This is one of the main reasons I worked so hard on my
wife for several years to get her to consent to visiting
a nudist resort nearby.

To regress just briefly, let me say, I have read many,
many stories on erotic story sites. The largest
percentage of which, by far, are purely, utter fantasy.
Some are fairly good, some are exceptionally good, but
by far the most of them are so ridiculously made up that
it is hard to get lost in the story and fantasize along
with the author.

This story is absolutely true, as will be all the others
if there is interest in follow up stories.

I am 69 years old and my wife Charlie is 66. This story
is not about our present sex life, although it is still
quite exciting and fulfilling, but about our sex life
when we were young and adventurous.

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