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A typical housewife of eighteen years discovers Rocky sex for the first time

It was an early morning in the middle of summer in the
small town that my husband of eighteen years and I
lived in located in the southeastern U.S. Mark, my
husband worked for the local District Attorneys office,
which kept him busy until all hours of the night (and
morning) at times.

I am a mother of two and have my hands full trying to
raise teen boys in what seems like a single parent
household. As I was preparing the boy’s clothes for
their annual Boy Scout outing I felt almost relieved
that I would have a whole two weeks to myself!!

Mark, my husband came down for breakfast and as usual
and right behind him was our Rocky Champ. Champ was our
pet lab of three years that certainly grew into one of
the family. As I served breakfast and then saw the boys
off to the front door where their Den Leader was
waiting to take them to their scouting event I began to
plan how I was going to spend the next two glorious
weeks of freedom.

As I waved goodbye to the boys Mark, walked up behind
me and in the voice he uses when he’s feeling frisky
said “I may be in late tonight…. the boys are gone,
and I have a while before I need to be in the
office…” I grabbed his arms that were now around my
waist and guided him into the den.

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