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A very strong story of Molestation, abduction and bestiality.

When she found the note someone had managed to tuck un-noticed into her pocket as she was shopping, Jill felt alarmed; it was him again! Sipping coffee in a nearby café she read it carefully. The one who she thought of only as the Man wanted her again. Anxiety swept over her and she had to fight to regain calm. She told herself he wouldn’t hurt her; he had always let her go again, hadn’t he?
It had begun nearly two years before, when Jill had been abducted on her way to a girl’s night out. She had been dragged off the street with bewildering speed and force by an unseen attacker. The man had pulled her backwards by her hair, into a derelict shop. He was very strong and she was too afraid to resist. He had covered her eyes with a soft blindfold and warned her that she must never see his face. Her wrists had been held behind her back while he used thin cord to tie her thumbs together. She had caught only a brief glimpse, of his lower body, naked but for a t-shirt and work boots! The sight had shocked her; muscular thighs and legs topped by greying pubic hair and a thick, semi-erect uncircumcised penis whose large head seemed to be peeping from its hood of skin.
From his voice she knew he was not a young man. He gave her orders in a terse matter of fact way, which she soon learned to obey without delay. Her early reluctance was punished immediately; he slapped her face hard and warned that when she was naked he would do the same to her breasts, a promise which he soon carried out. She cried but he told her he always carried out his threats and she learned not to displease him.
In that stinking old building the terrified young woman was stripped and led around the room, as if being paraded. She was made to suck the penis she had seen briefly and then Molestationd. He had even fucked her arsehole, something she had allowed her ex- husband Mark and her boyfriends to do only rarely and then by just entering the head of the penis. The man had had some difficulty opening her tiny anus, but with the liberal application of some sort of lubricant and much effort (and a good deal of suffering for the woman) he had managed to go in up to the balls.
Jill had cried and begged for mercy but he showed neither sympathy nor irritation with her whining. Instead he had continued with each stage of her Pervert Exploit coolly and methodically.
The session ended after four long hours of pain and shame. She was allowed to lie on the hard floor until she felt strong enough to stand and dress herself. The blindfold was pulled off and she saw the man was wearing a full head mask and coveralls. He passed her a towel and told her to get cleaned up and then get the fuck home. She had not been allowed to keep her knickers.
Although shocked and distressed she was not injured and since her husband was away at the time no one had seen her dis-dishevelled state. She had told no one about the attack.
Jill had always considered herself a fairly strong person and soon put the memory out of her mind. But the Man had other plans. A few months after the abduction she received some photos in the post. They showed her performing sex acts on an unseen man, not her husband; there was no sign of coercion, it even looked as if she was enjoying it! But it was the letter that came with it that alarmed her more than the photos. It told her that she must submit to him at a time and place to be decided or the pictures would be sent to certain people who she would prefer didn’t see them. When a short note arrived with details of a rendezvous and also a list of the items she must wear, she decided to obey. If he wanted to take her by force like before he would have done it. This meant he was not intending her any greater harm, didn’t it? Terrified that she would be badly hurt or murdered but hoping he would release her, Jill had kept the engagement.
Dressed as commanded, she had kept the date and had been Molestationd again in much the same way as before. The man had used less violence than before, using her fear of him to obtain her cooperation. Now, though, he was less hurried, having been able to plan better in advance. Again she was released after many hours, without her underwear.
She had been summoned on four occasions since then. Each time the letter arrived she became filled with nervous excitement, like a girl going on a date with a new boyfriend. The truth was; she had become accustomed to the sex, there was a contradictory sensation of freedom; she was free to indulge in extreme sensuality without any responsibility. He never hurt her very badly and he always released her when he had finished and, she reluctantly admitted to herself, she orgasmed during the performances. His attitude towards her had never softened however, and invariably treated her roughly and with obvious derision and spite. At times she had felt the sensation that a third party was watching or even taking part.

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