Sunday , May 28 2023

A very tall woman is taken and forced into a number of sex acts that are arranged by her husband

Every time I passed her in the store she towered over
my 5′ 7.” I was beginning to wonder if I was going to
be able to pull this off. Was she as strong as she was
tall? Her name was Jill and I was going to kidnap her
and have some fun if she didn’t kill me. She had brown
hair with blonde streaks and a fantastic body. Very
slender with large, high riding breasts which certainly
didn’t need a bra.

I decided to use chloroform to knock her out
temporarily at least until I could get back to my
basement. But even that was going to be difficult. I
planned on grabbing her as she walked to her car in the
parking lot. I set it up so that it looked like I had a
severe physical handicap and was having trouble with my
packages. I parked beside her vehicle and I waited
until she was almost at her car then faked slipping
with my crutches and dropping my bags.

As I tried to bend over to pick them up I heard her
come up behind me. “Can I help?” she asked and I said
that would be great if she didn’t mind. She opened the
back of my van and bent over for the bags. As she
reached in to put them down I drove my crutch into the
back of head knocking her face down into the storage

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