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A Very Very Hot Mother/Daughter encounter

A Very Very Hot Mother/Daughter encounter
Some parents relive their dreams through their c***dren, be it a career move, thoughts of untold wealth, either way they hamper their k**s ambitions and choices in life.

My own daughter by year ten had won five beauty pageants, been on TV with advertisements, countless magazines and local newspaper photo-shoots, she by all standards had a bright future ahead of her.

When you have a protegee you might have a problem c***d on your hands, but safe to say she entered that most troublesome time in a girls life, her teens, and to all accounts the first half of those years, were all sugar and spice, so on the surface my husband and I gave ourselves a huge pack on the back.

She was, and still is stunningly beautiful, intelligent and on the road to university, so you can imagine my shock when I looked in on her one morning and saw she was busy on her bed masturbating.

The thought had never crossed my mind about sex, but as I closed the door in silence and left her to finish scratching that itch, I realized she was a young woman now, with sexual urges, and as with all adults, she needs to have them attended to.

Later that morning she came down to the breakfast room bright and breezy, her itch scratched, she was like any other girl, full of the joys of spring, I guess her orgasm must have been a good one.

But as we had some time that morning and being an inquisitive mother I just had to know if she cuckling, Ok, probably not a word most people have heard of, but basically, discovered the joys of cock.

‘You have a boyfriend yet’?

She looked at me over the rim of her huge cup, ‘Not really, well a few, but nothing serious’.

I was not surprised, I mean she had it all, looks, body, her mothers genes, and at that thought I swallowed hard.

‘You fucking yet’?

Ok a bit harsh and perhaps not diplomatic, but she was a young woman, and I was there not too long ago, I mean I am sitting here confronting the product of my own desires, get to the chase.

She said nothing, just a blank stare, her long lashes fluttering over her cup, her silence spoke volumes, then she spoke.

Her education had given her the rare quality of weighing-up a carefully formulated reply to a tricky question, an answer that made me realize she was streets ahead of me.

‘Not in the sense if you mean sliding on a man’s greasy pole, but I do masturbate, in fact mother, I have for the last five years’.

Wow I thought, more grown-up than I imagined, to hear her say that and see her saying it, was powerful enough to cause some men to erupt in their pants.

My daughter was developing a very powerful sexual persona, and not in the least fazed about it.

‘So you’re still, Virgo Intacta’?

She smiled a disarming smile, then shook her head, to indicate she was not. The puzzled look in my face gave away my racing mind, finally she put me out of my misery, ‘I have used your sex toys, mother’.

Now it was my face that glowed with a pinkish tinge, I had to smile, here I was sitting discussing sex with my daughter, and only finding out she has been humping my prized collection of sex implements, in fact as I mentally counted my collection, I could feel myself shrink further and further into my seat.

Finally I plucked up enough courage to ask which ones she enjoyed the most, and why was I not shocked when she said she had tried them all.

We both laughed, not loudly, she was enjoying my obvious embarrassment, totally at ease discussing sex, it was Ok with my friends, my s****r for Christs sake, but my fucking teenage daughter, I was embarrassed, confused, and losing this encounter, but there was something equally charming, in the honesty and the beauty, her needs and desires, she certainly was a healthy girl.

‘Did you try them all’?

She smiled again and nodded in the affirmative, I had to ask, ‘The butt thing’?

‘Especially that’, she replied enthusiastically, her eyes wide and excited, ‘That is something I must definitely try, in life’.

She saw that puzzled look again, ‘Double penetration mother, having more than one guy at a time’.

‘Look I appreciate your candor, honesty, and openness’, but when you decide to get off, can you lock your door, someone might walk in and catch you’.

‘You mean like uncle Joe’?

Joe is my b*****r, and I have written about him in several stories, and our youthful exploits, giving him s****rly wanks and blow-jobs, and rare occasions, anal sex.
Joe never saw me as a sibling, he saw me as a sex object, and on many occasions, I would awake to Joe with his hand between my legs.

My face this time developed a different hue, the bl**d drained, I thought my b*****rs liaisons with me were buried, a dark secret, I love my b*****r and would wish him no harm, what we did together was as much my own endeavors as his, yes I was a naughty girl.

‘Has Joe ever touched you’. My daughter just shook her head and said nothing more, if anything, she at least had my defensive streak, a code of silence, I Joe had, then his f****y sexual exploits were safe with us, and I respected her strength in that.

My daughter got up from the table, and went to the sink, her t-shirt did nothing to hide the fact she was naked under it.

‘You have an aversion to wearing underwear’?

‘None more than you mother dear’, and at that pertinent reply, she flicked her t-shirt up to reveal her pert bum, a perfect derriere, bubble round atop a perfect ‘V’, her vagina visible and open to view, God I felt a pang of jealousy, she had it all.

She turned and walked back to the table, and stood behind the seat she had just vacated, ‘Since we have had this open discussion about sex, how about you and I going to the city and buy me some sex stuff’?

My mouth fell open, ‘Your grandmother would have slapped me, if I asked her that’, I said in reply, and at that moment my husband walked into the kitchen, his eyes falling on his daughters pert behind, she was leaning across the chair back, so I could imagine what was on show.

I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, as he walked towards the table, he eyes were fixed on what she was obviously showing, it excited me on many fronts, but my daughter was unfazed as she turned to greet him.

Like his daughter, my husband also was attired in a loose fitting t-shirt, and as if to keep the fashion statement alive, he was without underpants, something our daughter had spotted, and as they hugged each other, she slipped her hand between them and give it a squeeze, I was not supposed to see that, and it sent my pulse soaring.

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