Saturday , June 3 2023

A voyeur’s obsession about the next door neighbor and the show she puts on for him

It began harmlessly one morning. I had just woken up
and was having my morning pee and noticed the next door
neighbor’s light on in their bathroom. As we have a
small house with only about a metre border between ours
and our neighbors house our toilet looks directly into
their carport and their bathroom.. Their bathroom was
an add on extension after renovations by the previous
owners and has a vertical rippled glass window.

As I was taking my pee the next door neighbor Anna, a
lovely petite blonde in her mid 30’s came into view
she too had just woken up. It was early morning and
still dark so the light from the bathroom showed
through brightly.

As I peered out the neighbor removed her nightgown and
started grooming herself before her shower. Watching
intently I could see this beautiful side profile as she
faced her bathroom mirror brown bronzed skin, blonde
hair and beautiful perky breasts sitting wonderfully
upright. I felt an instant stirring in my loins and
watched this show for about 5 minutes then she
disappeared from view as she stepped into the shower.

I thought nothing more of this and went about readying
myself for work. I suppose ten or fifteen minutes had
passed and as I wandered up the hallway again I glanced
back through the window. The next door neighbor was in
full view again having showered and was at the bathroom
mirror fully naked.

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