Saturday , June 3 2023

A weekend as his puppy girl leads her to contentment and ecstasy

My mind races as I chase after the toy, the hardwood
floor cold beneath my hands and knees. Although
unbound, I would never consider rising on two legs to
chase after the little rubber dildo. I am his puppy,
and have been since he got home from work Friday. An
entire weekend as his dirty slut Rockygy.

How wonderfully he torments me. I shouldn’t but I feel
beautiful in only a black leather collar and heels.
When I return to his chair, the dildo is firmly between
my teeth and I resist a bit as he takes it out of my
mouth, feeling my pussy get wet when he entwines his
hand in my hair and jerks hard enough I drop the
phallus into his other hand.

“Bad girl, now sit!” he scolds as I look up at his
beautiful face.

He yanks down on my puppy tail butt plug and I wince as
it stretches my ass wide. It hurts and makes me whimper
and whine as I grind my pussy against the chilly floor.
I haven’t orgasmed in hours and my clit aches.

When he runs his fingers through my hair and over my
face I lap at his fingers with my tongue, tasting my
pussy from earlier probing. He throws the rubber toy
across the room again, smacking my ass hard as I try to
scurry across the room as graciously as possible, this
time depositing the toy at his feet humbly.

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