Thursday , December 8 2022

A widow from India is forced to submit to her in-law

My name is Sangeeta Rawat. I am a simple and educated woman, living at a rural village named Madhupur in Madhya Pradesh. I am 24 years of age now and the mother of 2 very young children. My eldest daughter is 2 years of age and my youngest son is now, a 4 month baby. This is my real life story, on how I have been exploited and subjected to a life of shame, due to circumstances in life ……

Having lost my daddy in my childhood, I was brought up by my mother, who worked hard in other people’s houses to take care of my up-bringing. Luckily she was able to ensure that I was educated. I grew up in economically extremely difficult conditions. The only son of the richest Zamindar ( Landlord ) in our entire district, took a fancy for me. My mother was happy to get me quickly married to him, as his family did not ask for any dowry. We were married 3 years ago. My husband was a good man. He loved me deeply and we led a happily married life. We were blessed with a daughter two years ago. But tragically, around nine months ago, when I was pregnant with our second baby, my husband was killed in an automobile accident. Being pregnant, I went back to stay with my mother. But again tragedy struck. A month after my son was born, my mother died of a heart attack — leaving me — with no money and no place to go. I could not even go to work, due to my 2 small children.

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