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A wife admits she shares her husbands fantasy then fulfills

Erica drove home from work trying to unwind from a long week before walking into her house to begin cooking dinner, caring for her kids, taking care of her household chores, and what ever else the night might bring.

She took a deep breath before opening her door and walking inside. To her own disbelief her house looked to be cleaned and dinner was on the table set for two. Her husband Mike stood in the kitchen smiling at her. “Where are the kids and what is going on right now?” she said half sarcastically and half confused.

“They are with my mom and will be staying with her allll night. It’s just the two of us tonight” he said with a mischievous excitement in his voice.

After a much needed relaxing dinner Mike and Erica began their night alone with a couple glasses of wine and both started to become tipsy. They talked and laughed like they once did early in their marriage before Erica resorted to the shower.

To Mikes enjoyment Erica exited the shower wearing the pink lingerie he bought for her months ago and she had yet to wear.

“Wow” Mike exclaimed with excitement as he handed her another full glass of wine.

He couldn’t help staring at her full breast and plump ass as she walked past him to the couch. In her bare feet she only stood 5’2 but had all the assets to turn any man on. Her pink attire against her pale skin, lightly freckled face, and brown puppy dog eyes were almost too much for him to handle.

“So, do you like it?” she asked as she sat on the couch placing her feet under one side of her ass.

“You look amazing” he replied.

“Well, do you have any other surprises for me tonight?” Erica asked before sipping her wine.

“I stopped and picked up a ‘good’ movie for us to watch” he said hoping she didn’t reject the idea.

She didn’t necessarily like adult movies but agreed since she knew it would be a huge turn on for her husband and appreciated all his efforts. The first two scenes were somewhat routine porno scenes with a male and female in unlikely situations.

“Does this really turn you on?” she asked as she waited for the next scene to begin.

The third and final scene began with a husband and wife talking at the camera as if they were being interviewed. The wife began to explain her husbands fantasy of watching her have sex with another man. More specifically a black man.

As the scene played out the husband sat in a chair as two naked black men entered the room, their heavy ebony cocks swinging before them. They instantly began groping her big tits and ass each placing one of her hands on their cocks and she began stoking them both simultaneously. “Oh Honey, look how big their cocks are. I guess its true what they say about black guys” she said to her husband before dropping to her knees becoming eye level with the ebony monsters.

Looking directly into her husbands eyes lightly moaning she let her open mouth slide over the first cock then the second many times never breaking her eye contact. Her husbands hand rubbing his jean covered erection the whole time.

Erica was watching intently and began shifting in her seat not wanting to admit to herself this was turning her on. “she’s doing this right in front of her husband. Do you think people really do stuff like this” she asked naively.

“Of course they do” Mike answered noticing his wife’s legs opening and closing as it became harder for her to hide her excitement.

Erica watched on as the black bulls took turns with the married white woman’s pussy and mouth. Throughout the scene the men taunted the white husband telling him how good she was and making her say how much she loved their big black cocks.

Before long the words and images became a blur to Erica and she found her fingers between her spread legs bringing herself to orgasm. After her orgasm subsided she realized what just happened and found her husband staring at her in disbelief.

Mike grabbed his wife’s hand leading her to their bed where he quickly stripped. He lied naked on his back as he watched his now naked wife crawl between his legs letting her soft tong slide the length of his cock numerous times.

“Did that turn you on?” she asked before letting her mouth slide down his raging erection with a low moan.

“What part?” he asked looking down and noticing she was looking directly at him with his cock in her mouth.

“The movie of the white wife getting fucked by the two black guys” her words feeling as though they pierced through him. She stroked him and kept his erection against her lips as she spoke.

“A lot! Especially when you got yourself off” he said as he approached his own orgasm.

“I have my ass up in the air right now. Would it turn you on if there was a big black guy fucking your wife’s pussy right now? Do you want to share my pussy baby?” she asked sounding so sexy while stroking him.

It all became too much as Mike grunted out “YES! Give him that white pussy!” as he sprayed his cum all over his stomach.

Erica fell to her back leaving her legs spread wide. Mike climbed between them and began vigorously eating her pussy until she announced she was cumming and shook and moaned in her second orgasm of the night.

In the days that followed it was back to the normal routine of life. The thoughts of that night consumed Mikes thoughts and unless his wife did a great job of hiding it she seemed to not think about it again.

Erica put the kids to bed and sat in the living room sipping her wine as she listened to her husband talk to his boss on the phone before he announced to her he was being called out to work for a couple hours. Shortly after he was gone she checked to make sure the kids were asleep and retreated to her own bed.

She found her box of toys and sorted through her variety of vibrators pulling her largest life-like vibrator from the bottom of the box.

She held the base of the dildo with both hands on the bed making it stand straight into the air. She opened her mouth and let it slide to the back of her throat. It became covered with her saliva as she sucked as much of it in as she could. Her bald pussy was in the air and becoming wet as she imagined her dildo was the huge cock of a black lover.

She lied on the bed letting the images from the movie nights before play in her head as she began rubbing the bulbous head against her opening not bothering to turn it on. As the girth of the large dildo began entering into her tight pussy she began moaning harder and louder with each push inside of her. To her own amazement she was able to consume the full length and held still to let her small pussy adjust to the full feeling she received.

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