Wednesday , February 1 2023

A wife and husband used well by blacks – A Wife And Hubby Are Made Slaves

Valerie and Steve were married just over 2 years ago. Val was a stunner sex on legs so to speak and Steve knew this. Steve often thought about seeing another man or men fucking Val. Never white always black.

At times Steve would lie on the bed get his cock out jerking to images in his mind, of his wife being black fucked. Black cocks in her, her pussy getting stretched!

At times more than one would fill her pussy and mouth at the same time and If he was really horny the numbers would increase sometimes to unimaginable numbers. Using her, fucking her pussy, ass and mouth, over and over being cock slapped pussy and tits being beaten sometimes whips being used on her you name it the harder the better. Till he came and came

At the beginning things went well for both Val and Steve but then Steve had some devastating news he was being made redundant. He was about to lose his job.

For the next two months Steve looked around for another job, but things were looking tough on the job market.

Yes there were jobs but much lower paid and each month that passed his saving went down

Steve and Val often talked about the problems they were facing. Things were getting desperate as they still had to pay the mortgage.

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