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A wife’s tale of Sweet Husband

My husband and I had just hired a new gardening and landscaping company last May. They were going to do a really big project at our house. We were spending a small fortune getting our yard and house ready for the summer and had plans of entertaining a lot of friends and neighbors at our new swimming pool. Life in the suburbs was always casual on the weekends and everybody on our block knew each other. Pool parties and backyard barbeques were a way of life on our close knit block.

We had just finished installing our pool and heated Jacuzzi, when my husband scheduled the landscaping company to do their work. The Texas weather was warming up and this is supposed to be the best time to plant. Like the pool, my husband handled all the business arrangements on the yard work. The proposed drawings they showed us were so beautiful.

I’m 34 and Darrell is 41. We both work, I am a secretary for a medical billing firm and he owns a commercial construction company. We married about 12 years ago, and my sweetie still says he still loves me as much as the day he met me.

I try hard to stay in good shape for him because it is very important to me that he always finds me desirable. So, I go to the gym and sweat like a dog for my baby. I am 5’2″s tall, 112 pounds, and would describe myself as a petite green eyed trim and busty blond. I workout at the gym 3-4 days a week to keep my body toned and in shape.

I’m not bragging, but I know men stare at me. Really, I kind of like it, but I don’t encourage it. I mean I would never cheat on my hubby, but the looks boost my ego a little bit. I don’t flirt either, quite the opposite. When their flirty attention is focused on me too long, I usually divert my eyes away and avoid it by excusing myself. They stare and sometimes make flattering comments though, even in my business attire, but especially when my husband asks me to dress in some sexy tight clothes that show off my body and my “new” cleavage. He loves to show off my new boobs, and you know what, secretly I do too. It’s just harmless fun, you can look…….but don’t touch, I love my man and he’s all I need.

My new 38C’s were augmented by the best doctor we could find. Darrell didn’t care what it cost and we found a really good plastic surgeon. He did a masterful job on my natural small titties to my current whopper size transformation. The funny thing was, we got his name from a bunch of the dancers at a strip club we visited one night on a dare from him.

Some of those girls that danced at the club, had the most perfect breasts. They looked so natural and so hot. The night we went, I just stared at their big bosoms and felt jealous inside, wishing mine were as big. When I told Darrell that I wanted some, he was delighted and the following week he took me there again so I could ask the girls who did theirs. Anyway, when I got my new breast, my confidence in my body soared and I enjoyed flashing them around a little. I even bought some skimpy bikinis for our new pool.

I have always been so white that I immediately began working on my tan in my new bikinis around the pool. From the first night that Darrell saw me exiting the shower naked with my sexy little sunburned tan lines, he said I was looking so hot. He thought the tan lines were so sexy and said they made my ass and boobs look really good. Before I could even dry off, Darrell bent my wet body over the sink and took me from behind in the bathroom. My baby was so excited and he did me so good that night. Afterwards in bed Darrell openly encouraged me to spend some more time at the pool tanning cause he loved my new look.

Darrell and I went shopping one day soon after my procedure had healed up, and bought me a lot of sexy outfits. We were both so proud of my new titties and both of us were planning on showing them off a little and enjoying them. Our sex life improved, if you could imagine that. I mean it was always great, but with the addition of new “twins”, things even got better in the bedroom.

I was so happy that Darrell enjoyed them as much as I did, that I made a real effort to get the tan lines that he liked so much. My new bikinis were so tiny, that I was too shy to wear them around company. Even so, that didn’t keep me from wearing them when I was alone or with just my hubby at our pool. My two week vacation had just started and enclosed in privacy inside our fenced backyard, I spent every day working on my tan in my skimpy bikinis while Darrell was at work.

One day about 11 in the morning, while I was tanning in the backyard, eyes closed and almost drifting off to sleep, I got the shock of my life. I was wearing my skimpy little yellow bikini, which barely covered the nipples of my huge breasts. The bottom was nothing but a thong, with a tiny patch of fabric covering my kitty and a string between my ass cheeks. I had even adjusted the tiny top so that almost all of my breast were exposed except my nipples.

Enjoying the warm sun on my skin, while laying on my back in the lawn chair recliner, with my hands behind my head, I noticed a shadow fell over me blocking the sun. I figured a cloud had blocked the sun momentarily and just laid there for at least several minutes waiting for it to pass so I could feel the warmth of the sun again.

Cursing the clouds under my breath, I opened my eyes and I was startled to see a figure standing directly over me. Two guys in fact, just standing over me while they leered at my practically nude body splayed wide open. I sat up quickly, startled and panicking about being watched by two strangers in my own backyard dressed in my revealing attire when one of the guys finally spoke.

“Mrs. Miller, my name is Donnie and this is Marcus. We’re with Coastal Landscaping and we’re here to start on your yard,” a young black man said as he still openly stared so boldly at my body. He looked like he was only 20 years old and about 5′ 10″s tall with a medium but muscular build. The other guy Marcus, was also black also, very young, maybe 18 or so, but he never spoke a word.

I scrambled to cover my breasts and body as I franticly searched for the towel I knew I had brought out an laid on the deck table next to me. As I squirmed around in my chair, desperately looking for my towel to cover myself, I was so embarrassed with my scanty state of dress in front of two strange men. Both of them just stared up and down my exposed body with no shame like I was a stripper on display. I was so uncomfortable with their blatant stares and the pause in my reply to his introduction that I just jumped up and ran into the house. I noticed that someone had thrown my big beach towel up on the patio by the side of the house.

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